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Company profile and history

Welding, spol s r.o., Topoľčany

Welding, s.ro., Topoľčany is an engineering company building on the more than 50-year history of its predecessors.

Welding is one of the small-middle size private engineering companies in Slovakia. Continuing the activities of its predecessors in recent decades – STS, š.p. Topoľčany (1951-1991) and HMC, s.r.o., Topoľčany (1991-2001) – the company specializes in the production of mechanical and structural steel structures. At Welding, special attention is paid to the production of dynamically stressed structures of technological equipment, such as e.g. precision technological pallets in the automotive industry, stators and base frames of large diameter electric motors and generators, dynamically stressed tracks and columns for amusement parks rides, pressure and non-pressure parts of boilers and other energy equipment, dynamically stressed structures of vibrating conveyors, road expansion joints, handling and storage equipment and others.

Company history

  • 1951 – Establishment of a company called Strojne traktorová stanica, š.p., Topoľčany  (STS, š.p. Topoľčany)
  • 1991 – Establishment of a company called Hydraulic Managment Company, s.r.o., Topoľčany (HMC, s.r.o., Topoľčany)
  • 2001 – Establishment of a company called Welding, s.r.o., Topoľčany (09.05.2001)