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Preparation of surface before painting

Manual blasting

We perform pre-surface treatment by manual and automatic blasting method, usually on SA 2.5. Manual blasting is carried out in a manual blasting booth with dimensions of 14,400 x 6,400 – 4,300 mm, with loading trolleys with dimensions of 3,000 x 2,100 mm and a load capacity of 10,000 kg on the railway. The size of the entrance door in the front wall is 5,500 x 4,200 mm.

Automatic blasting

Automatic blasting is carried out on a continuous track equipment equipped with 16 throwing wheels, with a roller driven conveyor, which allows blasting of sheets up to 3,000 mm wide, 80 mm thick, profiles and weldments up to cross-sectional dimensions 3,000 x 2,000 mm, length 12,000 mm and weighing 12,000 kg.