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Company vision and policy

Company vision

Defining the company’s mission is a basic precondition for strategic planning and strategic management process. At Welding, s.r.o. it is primarily an effort to maintain and improve the current position of the system character, especially in the areas of production and supply of stators of electric motors and generators of large weights and dimensions, including their accessories, production and supply of dynamically stressed tracks and columns for amusement parks, dynamically stressed technological equipment of vibrating transport, road and bridge expansion joints, equipment for energy industry, or in other production, with emphasis on the use of the most progressive production technologies to maintain the current position of the sought-after company for domestic and especially foreign customers doing business in these areas, with emphasis on high product quality, professional solutions and complexity of services, attractive prices and expected level of care as a condition for achieving business and marketing goals. To this end, increase the company’s competitiveness, by providing quality and technological advanced services, contribute to further economic development of the company, as conditions for professional growth of employees in ethical and cultural environment and development and social, social and environmental so as to create a positive corporate philosophy and the constant growth of the company’s culture.

Company policy

Successes of business plans of the company WELDING spol. s r.o. and customer satisfaction is a permanent goal of the company’s policy in the coming period. Following this goal, the company Welding spol. s r.o., Topoľčany sets this quality policy for the following period:

  •  require the company’s management to take full responsibility for the effectiveness of the quality management system and for its continuous improvement
  • demand from each employee of the company responsibility for the quality and quantity of work performed by him
  • contribute to the improvement of individual activities and processes in the company by appropriate system measures at all levels of managers
  • require employees to have a thorough knowledge of the work performed and their involvement in solving problems
  • tighten up the evaluation and selection of suppliers of materials and cooperation work
  • to expand, improve and complete the production technologies, especially with a focus on welding and mechanical machining, preparation, material cutting and surface treatment. Complete the reconstruction of the existing ones and start the construction of new production facilities
  • improve two-way communication with customers in order to better meet their requirements
  • to continuously improve the conditions for the work of employees in the company, to enable their professional growth and to introduce progressive forms of their motivation
  • to continuously improve the conditions in the company for the protection of company property, for safety and health at work, fire protection and environmental protection